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GGOG 19 – Against Equality, Pro E3?

Published On July 23, 2014 | By Gay Gods of Gaming | Podcasts

In our first podcast from different parts of the country – James has moved to St. Louis, while Corey has remained in Boston – we talk about gay marriage and radical queer politics. Specifically, we ask the question “Has gay marriage become too much of a priority for the LGBTQ movement? Should it be a priority for the movement at all?” We’re bouncing of discussions raised in the book Against Equality this week – check it out! Then, in the latter part of the episode, we talk about E3, the worlds biggest gaming convention!

Your Deities: Corey Clapp and James Croft

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James and Corey, Corey and James - we are the Gay Gods of Gaming. Coming to you every week from the hallowed halls of Harvard University, we descend to pass judgment on queer culture, gaming, and all things atheism with a blend of wit, wisdom, and wickedness that tickles the palette and expands the mind.

One Response to GGOG 19 – Against Equality, Pro E3?

  1. Sheldon says:

    Regarding the first topic discussed, what Corey said was absolutely brilliant. Do not change a word.

    James, I think your ambivalence stems from you wanting to have your cake and eat the cake too. Just to let you know, your instincts about incremental move towards radical change is a Burke Conservative concept.

    Sega . . . really?

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