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GGOG Episode 5 – Which Console Do You Believe In?

Published On February 28, 2014 | By Gay Gods of Gaming | Podcasts

This week the Gay Gods of Gaming explore the psychology of fanboyism through the lens of the console wars: which console is your favorite, and why? Do you go gaga over the Wii U, or slaver over the PlayStation 4? Perhaps Xbox One claims your allegiance! Why do people invest so much in their console preferences, and detest those who don’t share them? Then, we discuss the intriguing topic of religion in video games. How are religions – a huge part of the cultural life of our species – portrayed in gaming? Our happy ending for the week? We reveal the sexiest games console of all time!

Your Deities: Corey Clapp and James Croft

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James and Corey, Corey and James - we are the Gay Gods of Gaming. Coming to you every week from the hallowed halls of Harvard University, we descend to pass judgment on queer culture, gaming, and all things atheism with a blend of wit, wisdom, and wickedness that tickles the palette and expands the mind.

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