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GGOG12 – A Day in the Tomodachi Life of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Published On April 22, 2014 | By Gay Gods of Gaming | Podcasts

Controversial women’s rights activist and atheist critic of Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali is granted an honorary degree by Brandeis, spurring outrage from some student groups and faculty. The offer is  then rescinded: what should the University’s response have been? We pass judgment. Meanwhile, Nintendo prepares to release Tomodachi Life, a Sims-like game focused on relationships. But you cannot be gay in Tomodachi life! What’s up with that? We discuss. Finally, in a special happy ending, we discuss cosplay – while Corey wears few clothes.

Tomodachi Life Gay Relationship Screenshots!


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James and Corey, Corey and James - we are the Gay Gods of Gaming. Coming to you every week from the hallowed halls of Harvard University, we descend to pass judgment on queer culture, gaming, and all things atheism with a blend of wit, wisdom, and wickedness that tickles the palette and expands the mind.

2 Responses to GGOG12 – A Day in the Tomodachi Life of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

  1. Sheldon says:

    James, I applaud your measured response, especially in answer to Corey’s interviewing questions.

    A salient point missed is Ali was invited to give a commencement speech of which the custom is bestowing honorary degree to the speaker.
    There seems to be all too much focus upon Brandeis’s discussion NOT to give the degree N.B. she was invited still to speak on campus on another time/occasion but not for commencement. I think that is the mistake everyone ignores.
    (a) there is Brandeis inviting Ali to speak and (b) Brandeis’s offer of honorary degree to Ali.
    Brandeis made the decision of doing (a) but not for commencement and without (b).
    And addressing James’s point for dialogue on campus, Ali declined Brandeis’s offer to speak on another occasion which would no doubt include the opportunity for open debate. commencement speeches are not forums for debate, but more of platform for wanting to celebrate and advise the graduating class.

    Here is the analogy I offer. Suppose receiving a gift is customary whenever attending a birthday party. An invite to a birthday party was made and then later retracted but the open invitation remained to attend some other party. To me, it seems the uproar is about NOT to getting the gift rather than having some controversial speaker invited to give a commencement speech.

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