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GGOG13 – How Good or Evil is Your Body?

Published On April 29, 2014 | By Gay Gods of Gaming | Podcasts

Body image in the gay community and morality systems in games make up our main topics of the week. How do issues of body image and fitness affect gay men. How do they affect we Gay Gods of Gaming, indeed? We pass judgment, responding to this article by Brian Moylan on Gawker. Then, we turn our gaze onto the morality systems in games, and how much they suck (this one bounces of this piece by Chris Rio in The Escapist). For our Happy Ending, we each place the other Gay God of Gaming into the most appropriate Hogwarts House – thus forever ending our friendship.

Edit: It turns out the article by Brian Moylan from Gawker is WAY OLD! Our bad – no idea how it came onto our radar. Nonetheless, it was a great discussion starter and it means you can get the book we refer to right now!

And the competition is still ongoing! Details below!

Competition Details

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What You Can Win

  • GTAIV Complete Edition (Xbox 360)
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  • Fable 3 Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition (Xbox 360)
  • Maybe more stuff i discover in my closets!

Your Deities: Corey Clapp and James Croft

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One Response to GGOG13 – How Good or Evil is Your Body?

  1. Sheldon says:

    “I didn’t I don’t get any, just that I have been turned down many times.”
    – James

    On this topic, I must support James in that there scores of literature both academic and Gawker-like articles discussing the topic of masculinity and body-image especially in the queer — nay, gay community. Corey’s willful ignorance (and ‘willful’ because being a gay man himself, Coery should be cognizant of this issue) is disturbing in a way.
    The well-known phenomena encapsulated by the restricting phrase “No Fems, fatties, or Asians” (or in some regions, “… no Blacks”) points to this very prejudice of body-image (among other issues e.g. racism).
    A recent, to date, video posted on YouTube satirizes gay men’s self obsession.
    Corey’s dismissive attitude is suspiciously arrogant, he best read up on this problem.

    On Hogwarts curriculum, curious Corey missed the very standard subject that all wizards should study, if not calculus and history, is Chemistry.

    Oh, James, Yes, I would rather study all that maths stuff instead of magic.

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